Meditation and Family Constellations

Meditation and Family Constellations

31 May - 2 June, 2024

with Gyslaine Guergne

300 EUR all inclusive

Information and Booking :, tel :+33 (0)780 305 305

THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO UNDERSTAND FRENCH WELL ENOUGH to follow the instructions and the general flow of the conversation. Your session of Family Constellation can however happen in English language, if you prefer….

We all carry the internal imprint of our family.

This imprint, often unconscious and invisible to us, imposes its structures on us, dictates paths and influences our lives.

Family Constellations offer us the opportunity to discover how our family entanglements affect our relationships with others – whether they be intimate, within the family, with friends or at work – and above all the relationship we weave with ourselves.

This method is a way of understanding that memories live within us that don’t always belong to us, of opening our hearts and letting forgiveness settle in little by little, of healing old wounds with love and entering the present with new energy.

This weekend offers an opportunity to experience deeper layers of our being and initiate or continue a process of personal transformation.

Osho’s Active Meditations will accompany this weekend, helping us to initiate change, evolve situations and live a deeper experience.

“Osho Family Constellation is a method rooted in meditation and a spiritual approach to therapy.

It combines Western therapeutic methods with Eastern meditation methods. It is rooted in a deep acceptance of life as it is.

When we can honour what is, therapy ends and meditation begins”.

Svagito Liebermeister


This weekend is run by Gyslaine Guergne (Deva Vibha)

A Reiki practitioner and teacher, a facilitator of Osho’s Active Meditations, Gyslaine has a passion for Family Constellation workshops.

Trained in Spain, Italy and India and nurtured by different therapeutic and meditative methods and spiritual teachings, which she has been pursuing tirelessly for over 20 years, Gyslaine offers individual sessions, courses, workshops and retreats, a deep work of observation and presence of the body and its memories, emotional awareness, opening of the heart and experience of ‘self’.

It is an approach based on meditation and the subtle energetic language of the body, which enables us to gain greater clarity in our own history. This more ‘spiritual’ approach to therapy accompanies each person towards a life imbued with greater lightness, serenity and love, and in tune with their true nature… to feel vibrant and fully alive!

Practicalities :

WHEN: from Friday 31st May, starting at 14:30 to Sunday 2 June at 16:00

WHERE: Centre de Meditation OSHO, Lieu dit La Rochelle, 09000 FOIX, France


Workshop price – 140 EUR

Full Board for 8 places in the house, 3 people sharing an ensuite room 160 EUR per person

Meals only, including the day guest charge for living out guests, 110 EUR

CONTACT: by email to or telephone +33 7 80 30 53 05