I’m going to try to describe the journey I experienced during this active meditation created by Osho. It’s a dance, a movement inspired by the practices of the Sufis, graceful and light, the meditation releases a powerful field of energy.

It starts with the eyes completely open; we are a group of 11 people – a master number, a mirror number, a magical number… Each of us is spaced out evenly to give ourselves room to move. Initially the movements are rhythmic and directed in all 4 directions. The music begins and the machine starts up slowly.

At first there are a few hiccups, the machine sputters a little, some parts don’t go in the same direction… A being stops and starts again, then another, the wrong direction, which stops and resumes the movement initiated by the rest of the group.
At a certain point, without really thinking about it, the waltz becomes natural, the steps are adopted and now we are in symbiosis, as if inseparable, all integrated into the mechanics of the choreography and the rhythm of the music.

As a group we create a compact mass of energy that, despite the distance between our bodies, seems to move as one indissociable block.

The breathing quickens but remains regular, the movement becomes more and more natural, the hands that slide along the abdomen from the Hara to the heart deliver a massage that increasingly stimulates my sensitivity and my ability to become one with my breathing and my movement.

In each direction I am carried by my nearest neighbour, my furthest neighbour, the constellation of beings revolves like the planets in the architecture of a galaxy and makes calm trickle down into the depths of my cells. The rhythm, the music, the breathing, the hands moving up from the sacral chakra to the heart chakra – everything is in place to ensure that each moving body, each breath expelled from our mouths, merges into a mechanism that transcends me, the group, the limits of space and time: the cosmic dance gently begins.

All suspended from each other, interdependent yet one and autonomous. Atoms that, despite the distance, remain interconnected: a change in one is felt immediately and without interruption in the other. Bound together by this impalpable, all-encompassing element, the ether brings into play the energies of our bodies, their heat, inertia, gravity and electricity, blending them as if in a synaesthetic painting.

The music slows down, transforms and the movement stops. The machine goes back to sleep, bowing humbly with closed eyes, arms folded across its chest, thanking each being and dedicating the life created by this cosmic machine to the universe. Within the envelope of the ether, cosmic energy vibrates the air and the cells throughout the room… I begin to hear the birds and the sound of the river outside. Fluid stillness returns as my breathing slows.

Part 2

We must now turn on ourselves. A centrifugal dance, using our arms to steady ourselves.

I consider turning to the left and place my right arm high up, slightly turned towards my hand, which is now facing me. Very quickly everything shifts into a very violent and destabilising rotational energy. I lock my gaze in the palm of my hand and allow the rest of my field of vision to be distorted by the speed, like when I was running down a slope in the grass as a child: there’s no turning back, I’m hurtling along at high speed, intoxicated by this frightening but completely hypnotic state!

Then all of a sudden calm sets in, my gaze still anchored, I now perceive the lines moving, living in my hand, the thumb makes a shadow grow which disappears as I turn and reappears… From there, my field of vision shifts to that of a planet closely linked to its moon, which stabilises, balances and maintains its axis of rotation thanks to it.
Inexorably I feel drawn to another force, a shimmering rotating energy in harmony with my space-time, another star spinning me around it. Both engaged in a dance tracing the space of the infinite loop. This star is a sun, a warm and reassuring presence. The vibration of its energy field, its frequency, resonates in my entrails, its inexorable force of attraction pulling me towards it.

Suddenly, a doorway to eternity opens and everything comes to an abrupt halt.Our hands brushed against each other, our moons aligned, and for a microsecond, time stretched eternally on this alignment that had opened the door to a very powerful energy field. It’s as if I’ve been catapulted to the microscopic scale, and the mad dance of the stars as they race by at mind-boggling speeds now appears completely innocuous: the human eye on the celestial stars… Time stretches out and no longer seems the same…

Hands reach out, the door to this temporal aspiration closes, the stars start to race again, the speed and whirlwind unbridled, we all dance animated by this vital force, this prana straight from our Atma that burns and animates us, blending us and inviting us to become one great whole. A unique, immense experience of unlimited love.

The music stops and we all stagger to the floor, belly down, breathing short and breathless… gently the inner ear calms down and we can rediscover the calm of the body’s apparent immobility. Let the roots spread out in the soil, connect with others through the earth… Give thanks to Mother Earth.

OM Shanti 

Clara Camus, yoga teacher and facilitator of Osho’s active meditations, recounts her experience.

She trained in Osho’s active meditations in Foix, Ariège.

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