About us

Anahato Thierry Berchot was born in France and was seventeen when he met the Indian mystic Osho. He did Osho therapies and active meditations and trained as a Cranio-Sacral therapist.  He then discovered a talent for painting and has been successfully painting ever since, exhibiting in the USA, France and the UK. Now he has settled in France with Leela and Anna, their daughter. After renovating 19th century forge they run a small family restaurant and B&B  where he is a chef-cook and OSHO Vipassana retreat facilitator.

Leela Inga Cotus discovered OSHO meditations in 1992. She travelled to India several times to attend courses at the OSHO International Centre in Pune, followed by five years living and working in an OSHO community in England. They opened the OSHO Centre in Foix, Ariege in 2019 and from then on, workshops and trainings are regularly scheduled. She is trained in several meditative therapies created by Osho – OSHO No-Mind, OSHO Born Again, OSHO Talking to your BodyMind and OSHO Mystic Rose. In 2021 Leela was licensed to train OSHO active meditations for facilitating, a training set up by OSHO International in Pune, India.