Anahato Thierry Berchot was born in France and was seventeen when he met the Indian mystic Osho. He did Osho therapies and active meditations and trained as a Cranio-Sacral therapist.  He then discovered a talent for painting and has been successfully painting ever since, exhibiting in the USA, France and the UK. Now he has settled in France with Leela and Anna, their daughter. After renovating 19th century forge they run a small family restaurant and B&B  where he is a chef-cook and OSHO Vipassana retreat facilitator.

Leela Cotus discovered meditation in her teens, inspired by an Osho book, ‘Meditation: the Art of Ecstasy’. She soon travelled to India, to the Osho International Resort, where she worked as an Osho meditations co-ordinator, facilitating OSHO Dynamic, Kundalini, Nadabrahma, Laughter Meditation etc. She is a certified facilitator of OSHO No Mind and OSHO Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind meditative therapies. She took part in several ‘Who Is In?’ retreats with Shivani and Rakendra,  ‘Zazen 7-day Retreat’ with Martine and Stephen Bachelor and two week-long retreats with the teacher of contemporary Zen, Nish Pfister. Her meditation practice has been primarily connected to the quest of ‘Who Am I?’ and she brings the intensity of this enquiry to the retreats she facilitates.


Nisargan is an artist painter and one the first Osho disciples coming from the former Soviet Union. For many years he studied and worked in OSHO Meditation Resort (Pune, India). He was present in Poona when Osho introduced the Mystic Rose for the first time to his disciples. For the last 27 years he has been facilitating OSHO meditative therapies, the Awareness Intensive process “WHO IS IN?”, OSHO Vipassana, Creativity and Spontanious Art Seminars, Art Therapy Trainings in the Osho International resort as well as all over the world. Nisargan is the founder of OSHO Institute of Spontanious Arts in Odessa Ukraine.


Vatayana is a certified meditation trainer in the OSHO International Meditation Resort, Pune, India where she takes part in the Work as Meditation Program for more than 20 years. The main focus of her work is co-ordinating OSHO Global Connections. Vatayana studied healing in Germany and she travels all around the world facilitating all Osho meditative therapies, OSHO In-depth Facilitation trainings, Transformative Zen Tarot workshops, festivals and meditations from the “Book of Secrets”.


Rakendra Yves Legroux about himself: “I was born in Orleans, France in 1950, I started, from my teen-age days, to be interested, in what I was then naming: ‘The Truth’. Very soon I became enthusiastic about ‘the Search’, the search for ‘Truth’. This ‘search’ became my main centre of attention… Life and its challenges brought me to understand that ‘Truth’ is neither a concept nor something that one can find by reading books or attending lectures, even those from sages or spiritual masters but is to be discovered or better, ‘experienced’ within one’s own being, in a ‘here-now’ always accessible… Read more



Shruti Whittington says of Mindfulness, “Mindfulness, like all meditation techniques when practised daily, puts us in touch with our silent inner core and allows us to develop a sense of detachment and calmness, perfect antidotes to stresses and strains of modern lives.” Since she was first introduced to meditation in India by her parents at the age of six, and subsequently attended a school where meditation practice was a daily routine, Shruti has integrated meditation in all aspects of her day-to-day life. So when Jon Kabat-Zinn, author of “Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life”, and professor of Medicine at the University of Massachusetts, visited the UK back in 2000, Shruti attended his first seminar at the University of Bangor. She has since then completed a diploma in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Shruti is also a practitioner of Yoga, Tai Chi and the sacred movements of George Gurdjieff which she calls Stillness in Movement, a phrase that encapsulates her own aproach to bringing the flavour of meditation into everyday life.


tanuTanu Termier is a trained and experienced meditation facilitator. Her professional approach is anchored in her personnal developement and a 20-year meditation practice. She trained in the OSHO Meditation Resort in Pune where she lived and worked, facilitating OSHO active meditations, self-development workshops and courses for relaxation, work and awareness. She is a certified facilitator of OSHO Born Again and OSHO No Mind meditative therapies. Tanu likes combining mindfulness with laughter and celebration, and introducing them into her daily life.