About Osho


Never Born – Never Died
Only visited this planet Earth between December 11, 1931 and January 19, 1990.

With these literally immortal words, Osho both dictates his epitaph and dispenses with his biography.
In the twenty years from 1970 to 1990 Osho was revered by hundreds of thousands of his disciples as one of the greatest spiritual masters who have ever lived. At the same time, however, he was reviled and condemned by millions the world over, including India, as a charlatan, a provocative cult figure, a controversial spiritual leader, a sex guru or a spiritual terrorist.
Twenty years later, after his death in 1990, Osho is hailed as one of the 1000 most influential people of the 20th century by the British Sunday Times and as one of the 10 most important people in the history of India. His importance will increase as time goes on.

The world has changed a great deal, and much of what he said twenty or more years ago – ideas to which people responded with shock and condemnation – has been accepted as a norm. Just to mention the word “meditation” or “yoga” a quarter of a century ago would have been met with silent ditrust and dismay. Now meditation is accepted mainstream, widely practised and praised, not to mention all the yoga classes happening even in the smallest village of our home counties.

As Osho’s books are now translated in almost every language of the world and widely distributed, and as his spoken words are available on video, DVDs and CDs, his words inspire a new generation of seekers. His meditation techniques, carefully devised for modern people functioning in this day and age, have transformed the lives of many…

Comments on Osho by well-known people:

“Osho is the most dangerous man since Jesus Christ… He’s obviously a very effective man, otherwise he wouldn’t be such a threat. He’s saying the same things that nobody else has the courage to say. A man who has all kinds of ideas, they’re not only inflammatory-they also have a resonance of truth that scares the pants off the control freaks.”
“Wit and playfulness are a tremendously serious transcendence of evil, and this is one thing that Osho understood better than any contemporary teacher that I can think of. Gurdjieff had an element of that in his teachings, but certainly in the past fifty years there has not existed a teacher in the world who understood the value of playfulness and wit quite so well as Osho.”
Tom Robbins, author

“Osho is an enlightened master who is working with all possibilities to help humanity overcome a difficult phase in developing consciousness.”
The Dalai Lama

“These brilliant insights will benefit all those who yearn for experiential knowledge of the field of pure potentiality inherent in every human being. This book [From Medication to Meditation] belongs on the shelf of every library and in the home of all those who seek knowledge of the higher self.”
Deepak Chopra, author

“Osho is a mystical giant, a flowering of a unique intelligence and one of those rare humans ex-pressing himself with joy.”
Paul Reps, author of Zen Flesh, Zen Bones

“I read a lot of Osho’s books. I believe Rebellion was my favourite so far. I have been reading a lot about rebellion, how creativity is the greatest form of rebellion in life. It is important to stand up for what we believe in and to fight for equality. Equality is the most important thing in my life, social equality, political equality, economic equality. These are all things that I fight for in my country as a citizen. I read Osho not only because I love his work, what he writes about, but I am also – I guess – an Indian hippie.”
Lady Gaga, singer and performer

“I was inspired by Osho’s wisdom when I wrote the song ‘How fragile we all are’; Reading his books gave me hope for humanity. It is a must for everybody to have a look into his words …”
Sting, singer

“I have never heard anyone so beautifully and playfully integrate and then dissolve the psychological problems which, for generations, have sapped our human energies.”
Rev. Cain, chaplain, Churchill College Cambridge

“I read all his books.”
Shirley MacLaine, actrice

“Within a few years from now his Osho’s message will be heard all over the world. He was the most original thinker that India has produced: the most erudite, the most clear-headed and the most innovative. And in addition he had an inborn gift of words, spoken and written. The like of him we will not see for decades to come…He has to be judged as a thinker, and as a thinker he will rank amongst the giants… [His] is a religion for the irreligious, for the agnostic, for the unbeliever, for the rationalist.”
Khushwant Singh, former editor of The Times of India; author and historian

“When we wrote and prepared for shooting Vanilla Sky, I constantly checked in with Osho’s insights. It is not so easy to present the unconscious mind with images and a story. Osho is the only one who can perfectly explain it all, the inner and the outer, and that helped me and my team immensely.”
Tom Cruise, actor

“Osho is such a vision that stands for the welfare of the whole of humanity, transcending the narrow boundaries of religions. Though today’s man is so caught up in his myriad problems, all of Osho’s books and discourses suggest simple and easy ways for man’s liberation.”
Lokendra Bahadur Chand, the former prime minister of Nepal

“The Upanishads talk about ultimate wisdom, Osho tells you how to live it”
R.E. Gussner, professor of religion, University of Vermont, USA

“Indian mystic Osho has been one of the most successful mixers of Eastern philosophies with Western therapeutic techniques.”
Russel Chandler, author of Understanding the New Age

“Trough my friend Deepak Chopra I came across Osho’s books which gave me an other deeper shift in my life. I regret I did not met him in person, and I feel sorry the US Government missed such an opportunity back in 86.”
Madonna, singer and performer

“His incredible taped discourse, lectures and books have inspired me, and millions of others, on the path of self-evolution… He is like a great bell tolling, Awaken, Awaken, Awaken!”
James Coburn, actor

“Never before or after have I encountered anybody having such a harmonious and immensely creative view encompassing art, science, human psychology and religiousness. Certainly we would lack substantially without his vision of the new man.”
Dr. A. Schlegel, Ph.D., Institute of Technology, Switzerland

“He [Osho] is the greatest incarnation after Buddha in India. He is a living Buddha.”
Lama Karmapa, late head of the Kargyupta, (or Red Hat) Sect of Tibetan Buddhism