Creativity never follows any pattern – it comes out of chaos. Unless a person is ready to be chaotic, he cannot be creative. That’s why many people cannot be creative because they cannot gather courage to allow chaos in their being. They go on controlling themselves; their very control makes them uncreative.
Creativity needs guts, even enough to go to the extent of madness; only then is one creative: that’s why all the great artists, poets, painters almost all have suffered madness. They crossed the boundary some day – they could not control… they forgot. They went into the unknown and it was difficult to come back.
So if you have a guideline to work from, things will happen but they will have very limited significance. Simply do it and let it happen moment to moment.
Man is not creative because he is afraid of all those things that can become a womb of creativity: chaos, failure and nothingness. Man is a chaos, a creative chaos. He is very nebulous by nature. You cannot define him, you cannot say exactly what he is. And man goes on changing every day. He is river-like. This is man’s dignity.
Osho “What Is, Is, What Ain’t, Ain’t”