Osho Vipassana

Why choose Osho Vipassana ?

Combining Osho active meditation techniques with the more traditional Vipassana meditation is a very powerful way to help us go into a deep, relaxing meditative state more quickly and easily. It prepares the ground for the meditation to happen .

retreat cushionsNever in the whole history of mankind have people been so tense, so stressed, so unable to relax. Osho said that traditional meditation techniques were devised for a different kind of human being, and that people nowadays find it difficult to simply sit down and be silent – their minds refuse to slow down!

He therefore worked hard at perfecting meditation techniques appropriate for the 21st Century person which would help them slow down and relax.

And yes, meditation can uncover the meaning and depth of our life, a life where we know that what we touch touches us too, a life where we taste this cup of tea and we see this child’s smile and we hear this bird’s song or this dog’s barking without thinking about something else, but  being here and now, experiencing life in its totality. And we can then grow to live a Life worth living.