OSHO Reminding Yourself the Forgotten Language of Talking to your BodyMind

OSHO Reminding Yourself the Forgotten Language of Talking to your BodyMind

23 September - 29 September, 2022

with Leela

120 EUR

Information and Booking : majivanleela@hotmail.com, tel :+33 (0)780 305 305

This process will be held in French. Please enquire for private sessions in English.

You can heal your body; you can heal your life. Tune in to your bodymind, learn to understand and trust its messages and to allow optimal health and wellbeing. This simple guided process can be used to address specific issues – smoking, eating disorders, insomnia, body pain, unhealthy behaviors – anything that needs to be brought into balance.

“The body is the visible soul, and the soul is the invisible body.”  Osho

The body and mind are not separate. Habitual defense mechanisms – ways of distancing ourselves from conflict or anxiety, and conditioned body-negative attitudes are stored as tensions and energy blocks in the body. These ingrained patterns underlie many of the physical and psychological issues in our lives. But there is a way back to health and wholeness, and this is through learning to listen to the messages of the body.

As Osho says, “The body will never misguide you, you can trust it, and you can trust it absolutely.”

During this one-week process of one hour per day, you will learn to allow your unconscious mind to relax and to realign with the real needs of the body in the safety of the present moment. Using a light trance, and combining deep relaxation with alertness, you will learn to allow the body’s own self-healing wisdom to guide you in allowing wholeness and balance to be restored.


Our bodies are energy, our minds are energy, and our consciousness is energy. The only difference is of wavelength. If all these three energies are in harmony, we are healthy and whole. But we have lost touch with our bodies – lost touch with the simplest and most natural way of staying healthy and happy. We are split. We simply take our bodies for granted until something goes wrong, and then we drag them along to the doctor, just as we would take a car to a mechanic.

We get treatment for the symptoms and may be able to force the symptoms to disappear, but if the root cause of our dis-ease is not addressed the problem will reoccur, or manifest in some other way. This OSHO Meditative Therapy is your chance to restore harmony and wholeness to your being. Don’t miss this chance to experience a powerful meditative therapy that has helped thousands. It works!


  • How to let go of old unhealthy habits and tune into the natural flow of your own life energies
  • How to allow the natural self-healing process of your bodymind to unfold
  • How to reconnect with your natural balance and wholeness
  • You will have an opportunity to experience what it feels like to have your body, mind, and consciousness aligned and working together in harmony
  • You will experience the truth that your path to healing doesn’t require great effort on your part, only the ability to remain alert and sensitive to your body.


  • 7 sessions of the process
  • 7 sessions of OSHO Kundalini
  • one session of group sharing
  • questions and answers with the facilitator
  • Osho’s insights and quotes about the hidden powers of the body and mind
  • Completion of the prerequisite for facilitator training


23-29 September 2022

from 6:30-7:30  – OSHO Dynamic optional,

8:00-9:00 – The process of talking to the BodyMind

Food and accommodation :

350 EUR for 6 nights and all the meals from Friday lunch to  breakfast on Thursday