OSHO meditation and facilitation training

OSHO meditation and facilitation training

25 June - 27 June, 2021

with Vatayana

Cost of the training: 295 EUR 

Information and Booking : majivanleela@hotmail.com, tél :+33 (0)780 305 305

Join us in this unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of OSHO Meditations. Learn the skills and gain the confidence to introduce them to others, be it with friends, in a meditation centre or spa, in your business or other professional setting. Vatayana will focus on the in-depth content of the OSHO meditations and how best to share them with others.

Note: Some previous experience of OSHO Active Meditations is required. The training will happen in English with French translation. 

Topics will include:

❖What is meditation?

❖Who/what is OSHO?

❖ The unique approach and “climate” around OSHO meditation

❖ The many OSHO Active Meditations in-depth: the science behind each of them, the essence of their steps, the vital points that make all the difference

❖ Short OSHO meditations for your day, and to use while being a facilitator

❖ Role of facilitator, guidelines for facilitating

❖ Your own questions and how to respond to meditators’ questions

❖ Grounding, relaxed communication, equipment use, presentation

What you will receive: a certificate of participation with your name on, hands-on meditation practice, a 70-page manual with instructions for the main meditations, tips for the facilitator, Osho text to the meditations, awareness techniques for everyday life…

Vatayana is a certified meditation trainer in the OSHO International Meditation Resort, Pune, India where she takes part in the Work as Meditation for more than 20 years. The main focus of her work is co-ordinating OSHO Global Connections. Vatayana studied healing in Germany and she travels all around the world facilitating Osho meditative therapies, meditation trainings, workshops, festivals and meditations from the “Book of Secrets”.

Cost: 295€ for the training only. There is accommodation and full board on site. Please enquire for prices.