Meditation weekend

Meditation weekend

14 April - 16 April, 2023

with Leela and Dominique Vincent

Course only: 100 EUR. Meals and course: 200 EUR.

Information and Booking :, tél :+33 (0)780 305 305

This weekend is a wonderful occasion to try different Osho techniques to help release anxiety, stress and pent-up emotions. FOR THOSE UNABLE TO TRAVEL IT WILL HAPPEN ON ZOOM ALSO. It will happen in French with English translation.

N.B. If you wish to take part in the meditation activity, bur encounter financial difficulties, please call for a chat. This should not stop you from meditating.

Approximate programme:

It starts on Friday 14 April at 18:00 with dinner and a teaser of OSHO No Mind, a gibberish technique.

On Saturday we’ll start with OSHO Dynamic at dawn, following with breakfast, then an hour gibberish, an hour silence, lunch, a surprise meditation, OSHO Kundalini, OSHO discourse, dinner and a night meditation.

On Sunday it’s the same programme as on Saturday and we’ll finish after OSHO Kundalini.

The meditation weekend is the beginning of a seven-day retreat and training OSHO No-Mind and all the accommodation will be allocated to the participants of the retreat and training.


Meditation programme for 2 days : 100 EUR

Meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch: 100 EUR