Osho Vipassana at Fairfield House, Somerset, UK

buddha_faceOsho Vipassana – a 3-day Mindfulness silent retreat

26-29 March 2015

£245.00 all inclusive for 3 days from Thurs – Sun


The modern practice of mindfulness has its roots in traditional Buddhist Vipassana meditation.

Regular meditation:

  • Promotes health and well being
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Creates a detachment from immediate emotional reactions to give a clearer perspective on life situations
  • Induces a sense of calm and well being

This long weekend retreat combines traditional Vipassana techniques with those of the contemporary mystic, Osho, to help us discover who we are through personal experience generating a sense of lightness, calm and general well-being.

Using Vipassana-inspired techniques and Mindfulness combined with Osho active meditations, we prepare the ground for meditation to happen. Active meditations have been specifically created for the 21st century human being. Being able to let go of long-held emotions, suppressed feelings and other emotional blocks, helps us to unburden creating an environment for meditation to happen in the silent sittings.

This weekend also helps deepen one’s meditation practice and get in touch with the stillness within. The retreat is in silence, suitable for both beginners and seasoned meditators.

Starts: Thursday at 4.30 pm

Ends: Sunday at around 3.00 pm

Please bring loose comfortable clothing.

Limited places – call 01984 634503 to book

More Dates: 25 – 28 June 2015 | 8 – 13 October 2015 (5 days)