INNERVISION – Connecting to our Inner Guide

INNERVISION - Connecting to our Inner Guide

10 November - 12 November, 2023

with Shunyo and Marco

280 EUR (Early Bird before 15th Septembre: 240 EUR)

Information and Booking :, tel :+33 (0)780 305 305

This wonderful meditation workshop with live music will start on Friday 10 November at 14:00 and will end on Sunday 12 November at 16:00

The weekend group will be facilitated by Shunyo who has over 45 years experience of meditation and who was one of Osho’s closest disciples. Shunyo was born in England, has widely travelled all over the world and now she lives in Italy where she founded the Institute of Vipassana et Zazen.Shunyo accepted the invitation to come to France to share meditation. To be in Shunyo’s presence is a very special experience – come and be touched by her inner silence and joy!

Watch a short video with Shunyo’s message about this workshop

To feel good about yourself and to feel centered in life we need to follow our inner voice. There is so much outer noise that it is not always easy to ‘turn in’. However, methods from Osho’s Book of Secrets can be a tremendous support on our journey ‘in’.

As we learn how to change our focus of awareness from the noise of our mind, to our heart center, our inner voice can be revealed. It is always there but we are too busy and lost in thoughts to recognise it. It is a small voice, we need to listen without the chatter of the mind.

It is through these meditations we will find the relaxed silence in which the inner guide can be felt, and with Marco playing live music the course happens in a joyful atmosphere.

Prem Shunyo has been practising OSHO meditation techniques for forty-five years, during which time she has travelled extensively throughout the world conducting seminars, trainings and meditation retreats. She is the director of the OSHO Institute for Vipassana and Zazen – Shunyo’s training in meditation and awareness began whilst living for fourteen years in close contact with Osho, as part of his personal staff. During her time in the OSHO International Meditation Resort she trained as a facilitator in Osho Mystic Rose, as well as hypnosis for meditation and all of Osho’s meditation techniques. Music and movement are an important part of Shunyo’s work and this, coupled with her intuitive, heartfelt way of working, allows participants to touch very deep levels of peace and silence. Her book, that Osho asked her to write, is translated in many languages – the English title is “My Diamond Days with Osho”.

Veet Marco, musician and spiritual seeker, in 1979 became a disciple of Osho, and has since experimented with sounds and music applied to meditation. Since 1995 he plays live in events and meditation groups worldwide. He has composed many CDs for meditation available on . These meditations are ancient tantric liberation techniques.

WHEN: from Friday 10 November 14:00 to Sunday 12 November 16:00

WHERE: OSHO Meditation Centre in Foix, France ( we rented the beautiful venue, Domaine des Tourniès, 4 km away drom the centre ). Travelling to Foix is easy – the international airport has a shuttle which connects to the main train station Matabiau. An hour’s train journey and you are in Foix!  One of our team will pick you up free of charge.

COST of the workshop: 280 EUR ( Early Bird before 15th Septembre 2023: 240 EUR )
ACCOMMODATION AND FULL BOARD : 160 EUR in a twin room with private shower room, and all the vegetarian meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch included.
MEALS ONLY ( with day guest charge included ) : 120 EUR
INFORMATION and BOOKING: Contact Leela by email on or by téléphone on +33 780 305 305