Primal Mirror

Primal Mirror

15 June - 18 June, 2023

with Bela Dubbelman

630 EUR

Information and booking :, tél :+33 (0)780 305 305

How did your parents mirror you in childhood and what is it you had to repress to receive their love? Recognizing when our childhood movie takes over, we can mobilize the adult part inside us and come back to what is natural and healthy.

Looking in the mirror of the past; recognizing the false identifications from childhood

“From childhood we are taught that be a good man. Nobody teaches us to be a true person.”  Osho

As children we develop a series of false identities or masks in response to the expectations and projections of those we depend on for survival. Over time these roles become autonomous and start to run our lives. We move between these roles with little or no awareness when we get triggered by external events in our woundedness.

Wounding happens when we are not seen and loved unconditionally as children. The wounded child inside us is a powerful and convincing identification which can keep us stuck in defense mode and, when triggered, we start to act out the same childhood movie from our past.


In Primal Mirror we learn to bring in awareness so we can recognize when we are triggered and can step out of the unhealthy identifications from childhood. We start to listen and accept ourselves instead of remaining stuck by criticizing ourselves or blaming others. We begin to heal our wounded inner child by giving it the love and reassurance it needs – from our own adult resources.

You can attend this course when you are newly exploring the concept of the inner child or when you are familiar with your inner child, to reconnect again with this immensely resourceful part inside us.

Reclaiming and healing our inner child allows us to regain the spontaneous joy and wonder of life. It is the essential journey of life to become a child again – healed, whole and awake.

“Watching the mind, being aware of the mind — without choosing any side, choicelessly being aware — that is the secret.”  Osho


  • To understand the realm of our inner child.
  • Learning the difference between the witness, the adult, the wounded child, and the natural, healthy inner child.
  • What to do when you get identified with your wounded inner child?
  • How to strengthen the adult part inside you and, by doing so, have the tools to change your present experiences.
  • Meditative techniques that allow you to move beyond your conditioning into being – into who you are at your very core.


  • A live 3-day residential course starting the evening before
  • Thursday we start at 16:00. After registration and settling in the venue, we have an OSHO Active Meditation to arrive and unwind from the travel. Dinner will be served and there is time to connect and chill-out with the other participants
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday: approximately 12 hours per day with regular breaks including OSHO Dynamic and OSHO Kundalini Meditations
  • Various techniques to explore issues related to your childhood and how these are influencing your present life
  • Sharing in the group and Q&A with the facilitator
  • Osho insights and quotes about early childhood conditioning

Participants may only sign up for the Primal Mirror after completing an application form, which is part of the process and thus confidential. To receive this form, please write to the organizer of the course expressing your interest in the course.
Each participant needs to return this application form to Bela before the start of the course or you will not be able to register for the course.

“Parents, because of their own investment – business, politics, religion, philosophy – are less interested in the potential of the child. They are more interested in how to mold the child so that he fits in their world, becomes respectable in their world, is not an outcast, is not a misfit. All this arises out of good intentions, but the result is not good. It is almost slaughtering the child, destroying, killing him. Most of his potential will always remain only potential. He will never be even aware what treasures he has brought with his life. He will die and those treasures will remain unopened.”  Osho.