OSHO Meditation facilitator training

OSHO Meditation facilitator training

17 March - 20 March, 2022

with Nisargan and Leela

350 EUR for the training only

Information and Booking : majivanleela@hotmail.com, tel :+33 (0)780 305 305

To share meditation with others is to also deepen your own meditation. Have you experienced the power of the OSHO Meditations to transform your life? Are you ready to share the joy of these meditations with others? Gain a deeper understanding of the science involved and the confidence to share them effectively.

“There are many things that you learn only when you start teaching them.” Osho

This course offers an in-depth understanding and practice of many of the OSHO Active Meditations. Training sessions will additionally focus on giving you the know-how, the resources, and the confidence to share the meditations with others.

Here is one of the many understandings from Osho that the course explores:

“One has to be very playful about meditation, one has to learn to enjoy it as fun. One has not to be serious about it – be serious and you miss. One has to go into it very joyfully.”


Osho indicates:
“Your approach to meditation, and your understanding of the key points of each meditation, can make all the difference – in your experience and to the benefits you take away.”

This understanding is vital when you want to share the meditations with others. Whether you have already been facilitating OSHO Meditations in the past or have only experienced their benefits for yourself so far, you will be amazed how much more depth and understanding you can take away from this long weekend. The interspersed short meditations also help in making meditation a 24-hour experience. If you want to share OSHO Meditations and grow as an OSHO Meditation Facilitator, don’t miss this course!

PREREQUISITE: Some prior experience of OSHO Active Meditations.


The unique approach and “climate” around OSHO Meditation
Many OSHO Active Meditations: the science behind each of them, the essence of their steps, the vital points that make all the difference
The role of the facilitator – guidelines for facilitating
Relaxed communication, how to respond to meditators’ questions
Presentation practice with supportive feedback
Short meditation techniques from Osho to enhance your facilitating, and to help you make meditation a 24-hr experience


~ Practical and theoretical experience of numerous Osho Active Meditations
~ Experience of certain techniques from the Book of Secrets – Vigyan Bhairav Tantra
~ Q&A sessions with facilitators and valuable exchanges with other participants
~ 75-page handbook with meditation instructions, tips for facilitating, and insights from Osho
~ A Certificate of Completion

The training will be taught in English and French.


The training will start on Thursday 17 March at 2:30 pm and will finish on Sunday 20 March at 4 pm. Registration is open from 1:30 pm on Thursday.

There is on-site accommodation and full board available for participants: please count 210 EUR for 3 nights’ shared accommodation and full board from Thursday dinner to Sunday lunch.

For non-residential guests, the rate of 40 EUR per day includes three meals and the daily service charges.

All food is freshly prepared, mainly organic and vegetarian.