OSHO meditation and creativity weekend

OSHO meditation and creativity weekend

27 May - 28 May, 2023


80 EUR for 2 days or 50 EUR for one day

Information and booking on 0780305305 ot majivanleela@hotmail.com

On Saturday and Sunday we will start at 8:30 with an active OSHO meditation, followed by painting, singing, dancing, playing… Spontaneity and living in the moment are the order of the day, under the guidance of Nisargan, a painter, founder of the Institute of Spontaneous Creativity in Odessa and a long-time disciple of Osho. In Nisargan’s presence things happen spontaneously and the energy of the group will support us to open up to our inner creativity. In relaxation and acceptance it is easy to hear the little voice in us that wants to express itself in song, or write a poem or play with colours…

“Drop this belief that you are uncreative. I know how this belief is created: you may not have been a gold medalist in the university; you may not have been top in your class; your painting may not have won appreciation; when you play on your flute, neighbors report to the police. Maybe – but just because of these things, don’t get the wrong belief that you are uncreative. That may be because you are imitating others.” Osho, ‘A Sudden Clash of Thunder’#4

The programme might change spontaneously 🙂


8:00 Doors open

8:30 OSHO CHakra Breathing

9:30  Breakfast

10:30 Creativity Session

12:00 Shared Vegetarian lunch ( bring something easy to share )

14:00 Creativity session

16:00 OSHO Kundalini

17:00 Sharing and good bye


8:00 Welcome open

8:30 OSHO Mandala

9:30  Breakfast

10:30 Creativity session

12:00 Vegetarian lunch to share

14:00 Creativity session

16:00 OSHO No Dimensions

17:00 Closing circle

The day will finish towards 17:30 h.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring vegetarian lunch easy to share. The materials for painting are provided, however bring your favourite support if this is the case.

Come in the morning on an empty stomach. Breakfast will be offered.

Price for the entire weekend : 80 EUR and

Price for one day only : 50 EUR


~ all meditations

~ breakfast and tea breaks

~ Paints, brushes, supports

Contact Leela on +33 780305305 for booking and more information